30 Day Lolita Challenge- day, er, just read the post!

ok, your probably never going to forgive me for this. I’m going to have to miss a few days on the whole 30 Day Lolita Challenge thing. Partly because I can’t think of anything I can possibly put for them, as I’m new to lolita, and partly so I can pick up and and carry on (you may have noticed that i haven’t been posting about it in a while)! I hope you don’t mind, and if and when I finish the 3dlc (30 day lolita challenge), I will come back and do them as I’ll probably have more experience. Sorry! So, I’m going to pick back up at day 10, What’s In Your Bag?

Day 10- What’s In Your Bag?

There’s not much in my bag that could be of much use.  I usually take a cute mirror Vaseline, lip gloss , tissues, a brush kirby grips etc for the cosmetic department.  Maybe not all of that at once, but usually a few things out of that list. Then I’ll take a kawaii purse ( in fact i dont think i own any that arent kawaii!), and a sketch book and pencil. People are always like ‘why do you carry a sketchbook?’ I think it’s in case I get any sudden ideas. It makes me feel more artistic, anyway.  Of course I take my phone, with a kawaii case on it, and maybe a book? Depends what I’m into. rightnow I’m reading Lord of the Rings! It’s quite a lot to cram into one bag, and usually I take an over-the-should bag because they’re easier to carry.

In other news, i decided to join another lolita thing again. It doesnt really have a name, and it’s basically how to ‘level up’ in lolita. Ever met that perfect lolita, who is, well, perfect? Well this is how to level up and get to her standard.

Each criteria is a level. Add up your total and then put yourself into a category. Repost this to your own blog, website, or journal, bolding the ones that apply to you, and then show your score/level at the bottom. The only rule is that you must add one lolita ‘level’ to the list!

~please remember this is all just silly fun, do not get worked up about it! Plus, if your feeling low about your score, just take a look at mine!~


You’ve been to egl.
You’ve posted on egl, without an onslaught of ‘USE THE MEMORIES’ and likewise.
You’ve bought a lolita mook.
You’ve picked a favorite brand.
You’ve ordered your first item.
You’ve worn a full outfit.
You’ve worn a full outfit out in public.
You’ve worn a full outfit and posted photos of it on the Internet.
You know what JSK, OP, and cutsew all mean.
You’ve bought your first brand piece.
You know your measurements.
You know you shoe size – in American, European, and Japanese.
You know who Mr. Yan is.
You know who Mana is. (+1 points if you know his band. +2 points if you know his brand. +3 points if you know why he’s featured in every GLB. +4 if you have a shrine to him in your closet.)
You know who Maki and Asuka are. (+2 if you’ve met Maki and Asuka).
You’ve watched Kamikaze Girls. (+1 if you know the real name of this movie. +2 if you know who wrote the book this was based on. +3 if you’ve also read the manga or novel. +4 if you love the author despite his criminal record).
You own a wig. (+1 if you own more than 2.)
You own a pair of falls.
You can identify lace on the spot.
You can identify an item’s brand on the spot.
You can identify the year a dress was made by a specific brand on the spot.
You can name several different dresses or prints.
You answer stock photo requests.
You mod a lolita community.
You decorate your nails. (+1 if you wear fake nails. +2 if you make fake nails.)
You own a pair of a rocking horse shoes. (+1 if you know their abbreviation.)
You’ve made your own rose corsage.
You’ve made anything out of your brand dress’s waist ties.
You’ve made anything out of a matching eco tote. (+3 if you were the first one to do it, you think).
You know how to apply false eyelashes.
You know how to pronounce shirring.
You know how to pronounce Moi-meme-moitie, or Metamorphose tempes de fille.
You know a reliable shopping service.
You bid on Yahoo!Japan or Mbok.
You’ve been to a meetup.
You’ve planned a meetup.
You’ve planned a meetup with catering or more than 20 attendees.
You’ve met up with lolitas while on vacation to foreign or faraway locales.
You’ve seen a lolita fashion show.
You’ve seen a brand fashion show.
You’ve modeled in a lolita fashion show.
You’ve modeled in a brand lolita fashion show.
You wear bloomers.
You know how to make bloomers.
You tell other people to wear bloomers.
You draw lolita art, write a lolita blog, or provide the community with some sort of creative services.
You’ve taken purikura in lolita.
You’ve decorated your room/house/apartment in lolita style.
You’ve listened to lolita music.
You’ve learned kana.
You’ve learned enough Japanese to read a magazine.
You wear or own circle lenses.
You’ve been called a princess by a young child.
You’ve dressed up a friend.
You’ve convert a friend.
You’ve been in media (television, newspaper, magazine). (+2 points if it’s Japanese media.)
You’ve learned a handicraft, like jewelry making, embroidery, or sewing.
You’ve become a lolita mentor.
You’ve attended lolita events at an anime or multi-genre convention.
You’ve organized or presented lolita events at a convention.
You’ve visited a brand shop.
Trip to Japan!
You’ve dressed up and gone out alone.
You’re prepared for inclement or colder weather in lolita (coat, parasol, boots, gloves, other climate-specific items.)
You’ve learned face contouring.
You’ve made a lolita valentine.
You’ve got a lolita pen pal or online lolita friends.
You have local lolita friends.
You know how to modify clothes that don’t fit you.
You know how to dress for your body type.
You’ve been in a street snap.
You’ve been to multiple world locations of the same brand store (BABY Paris, BABY Tokyo, BABY San Francisco, etc.)
You’ve created a makeup/hair/sewing tutorial.
You’ve sold hand-created lolita goods.
You have your own lolita fashion line.
You’ve gotten a lolita haircut, style, or color.
You’ve mixed other street fashions with lolita.
You’ve thrown a lolita party/had a lolita wedding.
You’ve dressed your child/small children in lolita or kodona style.
You’ve successfully cross-dressed in lolita style at least once (boystyle for girls and girls’ clothing for guys).
You’ve lolified or made sure all the contents of your purse are cute (wallet, lipgloss, keyring, etc.)
You have a lolita pet (small dogs, cats, rabbits, exotic birds, fancy fish) or have dressed/accessorized your pet (bows or pet clothes).
You’ve dressed your significant other or dated someone who dresses in J-fashion/alternative fashion.
You’ve read Alice in Wonderland. (+1 if you’ve seen the animated movie or other variations, +2 if you’ve seen more than one variation, +3 if you own more than one variation)
You’ve dressed as Alice or another Wonderland character in lolita style, or own Alice themed items.
You’ve made something from a Japanese pattern.
You’ve found, bought, or made lolita underwear (bras and panties).
You wear lolita daily, or have gone 7 days straight wearing only lolita.
You have lolita calling cards or business cards.
You play a lolita instrument (i.e., piano, violin, harp, French horn… well any instrument really.)
You can translate yen to your country’s currency in your head. (+1 if you can convert other currencies you shop with as well. +2 if you read the news to know how the yen is doing.)
You’ve sold lolita clothing online (secondhand, egl_comm_sales).
Your article or entry has been put into the egl memories.
You take photos of your outfits/daily outfit photos.
You’ve posted to daily_lolita.
You own a petticoat. (+1 if you own more than one. +2 if you wear three or more at a time).
You’ve bought a lucky pack.

You own a Poupee Girl account.
You keep a style diary or look-book.
You can put together an outfit made entirely from offbrand.
You’ve bought offbrand or non-Japanese brand.


Adorable Admirer (lvls 1 – 20) You’ve started studying or liking lolita but haven’t taken that leap of faith yet. Good luck!

Resplendant Rufflebutt (lvls 21 – 40) At home within the land of the rufflebutts and spilling frills from every edge.

Victorian Maiden (lvls 41 – 60) A classy lolita of taste and experience, who knows her way around the lolita social set.

Starry Celebrity (lvls 61 – 80) On page six of the lolita world, you’ve risen to the ring of the upper crust.

Pretty Princess (lvls 81 – 100) Lolita royalty, truly versed in the ways of the lacey ones, the lolita princesses have achieved a special level of enlightenment.

Ultimate Lolita (Boss Fight!) (lvls 100+) Wow, you’ve gotten over 100 levels? You’re the ultimate lolita with unlimited hitpoints. That’s actually a little scary…

I think it’s quite cute! I got Adorable Admirer (16), but I’m quite happy with that! the really kicker was the Alice in Wonderland ones, because as you know, i have a bit of an obsession! The one I added was You own a Poupee Girl account. I think I will make this a to-do list for lolita, I’ll post about it when I’ve done one!


I’m going on a shopping trip on Monday (yay!), so maybe I’ll snap up some kawaii bargain then! I’ll be sure to tell you!

see you soon xxxx

Fashionlista, Polyvore, and a lego block…

Hi! So, still no interview from Rainbowholic, but remember the lego accessories I was talking about? I finally got round to making them! Here’s a quick tutorial:
All you need is some earring backs or a ring base, then smother it with some PVA glue or super glue, and stick it onto the the little tube at the back of the brick. Now leave it to dry (for 24 hours?)! After 24 hours, twist the back a bit to see if it’s dry, and if it isn’nt, leave It to dry some more. Repeat until fully dry. And there you have it!

So, I wanted to tell you about another website I found (me and my websites, eh?), its called Fashionlista. Basically you like (or love in this case) different items of clothing to build up your fashion profile/style! Then, people of a similar style can follow you and love your loves. You can follow me, I’ll get a link soon, but in the meantime my username is whattheunicorns !

Also, my polyvore account got deleted (don’t ask me), so I’ve made a new account with the same username (what-the-unicorns-wear). I hope you can message me/follow me!

To conclude today’s post, I think I’ll make an about page, with my email so you giys can contact me and tell me all about your kawaii dreams!

That’s all for now guys! Xxx

these peices are so simple to make, but require so much patientce!

these peices are so simple to make, but require so much patientce!