Makeover Time! Plus- what have i been up to?

In the advent of my return to WordPress (it’s good to be back), I decided to give my blog a little makeover!

I’ve already started with my new banner (which I went to great lengths to make for free, using a photo editing thing called muzy, polyvore, tumblr and pinterest!) and a new background and theme. I’m so glad to be back with all my followers (yep, all 20 of ’em!), sorry I ever left you guys 😦
Soooo… What have I been up to while I was gone? Well, I made a tumblr, which was probably one of the best desicions in my life. Now I can get kawaii photos like every 2 minutes and gain more followers! If you have tumblr and would like to join my unicorn followers, my blog’s called milky unicorns. I have 54 so far (I think!).
I also hit 100 on my Fashionlista, and I’m heading up to 150 followers! If you have fashionlista and would like to help me along my follower quest, and get all the latest kawaii clothes, then I go by the name of Milky Unicorns, and if you haven’t got Fashionlista, get it, its worth it!
Also got a new Polyvore, and on there I go by the name of… *you guessed it* Milky Unicorns!
That’s all from the world of social networking, let’s see what else maddie-chan has been doing in her life!
I received my first Lolita dress! I’m wearing it to the Scotland MCM, so if anyone’s going, tell me in the comments.
I’ve also done a lot of busking over the summer holidays and I was wondering is there really good shops where I can get kawaii stuff? I have a lot of money now >.<
Done a few more DIYs, watched some more Kawaii International, looked at the latest trends and did my cuter take one them, discovered the absolute wonders of Dan Brown books, kawaiified my room, got back into vintage fashion again, read NEO magazine, attempted to make deco cream for free (ha, what a fail!), pined for Animal Crossing New Leaf, is currently saving for an ipod, downloaded a giant kawaii photospam, the list goes on!

So I’ll see you all when I publish my next post, probably before the makeover is done because I’m on holiday just now. If you wanna get in touch, tell me about something, ask about something, or want me to write a post on something, just ask in the comments or email me at: , I’d love to hear from you guys!

Loves, hugs, rainbows and sparkles, Until next time, unicorns! Xxxxx


Coming Back?

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I know I said i was leaving wordpress, and I adore blogger, but the blog isn’t really kicking off as much as this one did. I think it might be time to come ‘home’! I know that barely anyone follows this blog, but for those of you that do a quick like on this post would seriously be appreciated, just so I could see if it’s worth coming back. In the mean time, I’ll start copying some of my posts onto here!

Thanks, and it’s good to be back :3 xxx

30 Lolita Challenge start! <3

Ok, so the first thing I want to say, before I start is… look who got a parcel today! I made an Amazon order a while ago, and this was the main thing i got!Now, I will leave you with a dramatic pause….



*bursts with excitement*


Yeeeeeee! I live it! much bigger than I thought, so that’s an added bonus! But more on that later… now for the start of my thirty day lolita challenge! It’s:

10 Things About Your Lolita Bubble!

Apparently, a ‘bubble’ is like your world, and it’s a good job someone commented on the website I’d found it on, because otherwise I’d be lost! I haven’t really been part of the Lolita movement (?) for long, so this is gonna be a hard one for me! Here goes…



  • I can be my own person. One thing i love about lolita is that you can be whoever you want. You can own Barbie or My Little Pony ( though I don’t really go in for that, dear readers. Not my style.) , and no one will bat an eyelid. It’s all in a day’s work. No one cares how girly you are! The sky’s the limit.
  •  I love Alice In Wonderland. Every aspect of lolita is crammed with Alice in Wonderland. I just realised this isn’t very to do with my bubble. Oopsies. Well, I’m completely obsessed with Alice In Wonderland. She’s part of my bubble.
  • I  Blog about it. I love blogging. Nuff said.
  • My bubble is DIY-able. my interest in DIY began in Rainbowholic’s Kawaii DIY website, and then I became more and more interested in DIY-ing kawaii. It’s so easy to do with lolita!
  • It has improved my drawing style. I love drawing, and I’d like to share my picutes with you! One of my favourite things to draw is lolita. It helps me see what my fashion style is, therefore improving my lolita look!
  •  My world (or bubble) so creative. Everything about lolita is creative. It started on the streets of Japan, where young people use their creativeness (?) to create different outfits for themselves!
  • There is a sense of community. One thing I’ve found as I go through my bubbly-life, is that I’ve learned more and more about different people! I’ve emailed some people about my up-and-coming secret project, and It’s been nice to learn about different bloggers!
  • I love sweet lolita. For me, it’s all about sweet lolita.
  • I’m planning to go as a strawberry pocky lolita for the MCM. It’s going to be awesome.
  • I love purikuras! Though I can only use Puricute, I love the whole idea of it1 so cute!

So sorry guys, have to speed away, now, but I’ll start writing my review of pocky for (hopefully) my next post! If i cant, I will just carry on with the challenge!

bye xxxx





DIY harajuku hair clips!

So here it is, the christmas post I was talking about! I’ll put a picture of the christmas one I made soon! Hope you all have good day, merry (and kawaii) christmas!

I’ve taken to making my own hair accessories, here I’ve made a gothic lolita one and a more harajuku one, for a bit of contrast. They’re really simple to make to!!! Here’s my promised tutorial:

First, you need an A4 piece of card,scissors,your chosen colour of nail varnish, some deco buttons,a kirby grip and some sellotape

Cut out a shape on your card. Here, I’ve gone for a gloopy shape.

Paint you’re gloopy shape with you’re chosen colour nail varnish, then stick all your deco buttons on, hence drying them on with the varnish. Wait for everything to dry, then paint over it with a clear nail varnish.

Finally, attach the kirby grip to the back of the piece with either super glue or sellotape. If you have sellotape, attach it by threading it through the grip and placing it on the back of the piece.
If you need any help, just comment below! Send us your pictures on our facebook page (What The Unicorns Wear)!

Sorry about my appalling grammar and lack of photos!! Have fun and merry christmas!

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