Makeover Time! Plus- what have i been up to?

In the advent of my return to WordPress (it’s good to be back), I decided to give my blog a little makeover!

I’ve already started with my new banner (which I went to great lengths to make for free, using a photo editing thing called muzy, polyvore, tumblr and pinterest!) and a new background and theme. I’m so glad to be back with all my followers (yep, all 20 of ’em!), sorry I ever left you guys 😦
Soooo… What have I been up to while I was gone? Well, I made a tumblr, which was probably one of the best desicions in my life. Now I can get kawaii photos like every 2 minutes and gain more followers! If you have tumblr and would like to join my unicorn followers, my blog’s called milky unicorns. I have 54 so far (I think!).
I also hit 100 on my Fashionlista, and I’m heading up to 150 followers! If you have fashionlista and would like to help me along my follower quest, and get all the latest kawaii clothes, then I go by the name of Milky Unicorns, and if you haven’t got Fashionlista, get it, its worth it!
Also got a new Polyvore, and on there I go by the name of… *you guessed it* Milky Unicorns!
That’s all from the world of social networking, let’s see what else maddie-chan has been doing in her life!
I received my first Lolita dress! I’m wearing it to the Scotland MCM, so if anyone’s going, tell me in the comments.
I’ve also done a lot of busking over the summer holidays and I was wondering is there really good shops where I can get kawaii stuff? I have a lot of money now >.<
Done a few more DIYs, watched some more Kawaii International, looked at the latest trends and did my cuter take one them, discovered the absolute wonders of Dan Brown books, kawaiified my room, got back into vintage fashion again, read NEO magazine, attempted to make deco cream for free (ha, what a fail!), pined for Animal Crossing New Leaf, is currently saving for an ipod, downloaded a giant kawaii photospam, the list goes on!

So I’ll see you all when I publish my next post, probably before the makeover is done because I’m on holiday just now. If you wanna get in touch, tell me about something, ask about something, or want me to write a post on something, just ask in the comments or email me at: , I’d love to hear from you guys!

Loves, hugs, rainbows and sparkles, Until next time, unicorns! Xxxxx


my look

my look

Dr. martens boots

Brown bag

Retro jewelry
$9.41 –

Hello kitty

piki’s essentials/wishlist

piki's essentials/wishlist
hello! how are you? hope you’re all   ready for a well deserved weekend….. which reminds me, i thought i might not be posting so much now the holidays are over, but i seem to managing ok so far….
i didnt have the time to do a wishlist and an essentials list, so i combined them into one! just thought i’d tell you that…
so buckle up, because this is going to be (i think) a very long post!
  1. a bow ring. a kawaii essential. nuff said.
  2. a hat. i love my bowler hat, which i got at claires for £5. it’s great for European-style!
  3. an instant camera. this is the first thing on my wishlist, which i’m currently saving for.i really really want a super cute one like this!! im getting there…
  4. bright bracelets. these are a staple in my everyday wardrobe.
  5. some cute, bright tee shirts! wear with a checked shirt, jeans and a pair of converse. for lazy days.
  6. a sailor shirt. also on my wishlist!
  7. bright nail polish. i really need some more nail polish, because all i have is pinks and purples…
  8. a massive bow.from hello kitty to alcie in wonderland, all the best people have bows…
  9. a cute dress. everyone needs one.
  10. a wooly hat. i confess, i basically never leave the house without mine. i’m trying to cut down…
  11. jeans. see no. 5
  12. a skater skirt. as you know, yeat another thing on my wishlist…. think i’ll be getting one this weekend though (yay)!
  13. a cool sweater. you guessed it, on my wishlist! (p.s this post probably wont end out that long at the rate im going! teehee!)
  14. hello kitty nerd glasses. i was going to order these on amazon, but then it turned out they didnt have any lenses :,(!!!!!! anyway, they’re really cheap at claires, so i’ll (hopefully) get them at the weekend!
  15. converse. must i really say anything?
  16. oops… just thought this dress looked pretty so i added it in <(@.@)> …
  17. see no.5
  18. a tote bag. essential for life.
  19. domo bag! getting this from amazon at an amazing price! i cant wait!!!!!!
  20. a cool coat. i bought really bright coats for a while but then decided to tone them down a bit more…
  21. a bow! bows are making a starring appearance in this post, so, to finish my wishlist off, i would like to quote myself…

“you can never go wrong with a bow…”

haha made that up on the spot!
commence my telling you of random little things… so to start, i wanted to tell you about rainbowholics big birthday giveaway! i cant wait to enter!!!!!! i love rainbowholic! in fact, i’ve devloped my own little obsession with rainbows!
~if you don’t know what rainbowholic is, please comment below, and i will make a post about her, because i really want to do one anyway~
also, i want to do a post on the following:
DIY ideas
my favourite blogs
Little Miss Paintbrush
stay kawaii!
piki xxx