Happy Easter!

Happy easter guys! I hope you all indulge yourself in lots of lovely chocolate! I, of course, got a hello kitty egg! You’re never to old for hello kitty! It came with this really cute trinket tin and stickers. Did you guys do anything super kawaii for easter?
Will be back soon with day 6 of my lolita challenge!
Bye for now xxx


Pocky Post!

I finally got round to doing the Pocky review! I’ll start right away so I don’t lose my train of thought! Here we go….

So I bought Strawberry Pocky and normal Pocky. The starwberry stuff was a bit of a long shot, but as I mentioned in my wishlist post, I like everything strawberry flavored. I tried the normal ones first, and I adored it! Here’s some pictures of the grand opening (as it were).


Was a bit disapointed because they were Thai, not Japanese, but, you know, I can deal with it!


The really cute packet with silver Glico writing on it!


Haha my matching Pocky pencilcase and strawberry Pocky!

So, what did I actually think of it? Well, I’ve done some stat-type things:-

Normal Pocky

  • Taste:- 9.5/10. I was worried I wouldn’t like it, as I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate! I loved it though! Bit of a darker and mature taste than Mikado. I’ve given it 9.5 because I prefer light chocolate.
  • Packaging:-10/10 So cute! Pocky’s really iconic, so everyone knows and loves the packaging!
  • Price:- 9/10 I ordered it on Amazon, I think it was about £2. Quite cheap for forgien food, but you can get it cheaper on Tofu Cute!

So, overall, I loved Pocky! i only did a review for the normal stuff, because maybe I can save that for a later post when I’m stuck for ideas. Until next time! xxxxx



30 Day Lolita Challenge day 5! <3

Just gonna get straight down to it today! Off we go!

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day 3- Wishlist Time!

  • This dress from Bodyline. I know that some Lolitas don’t really like Bodyline- Parfait Doll has an article about it here. But it’s cheap, and the outfits are really cute! I want this dress for the MCM: !


  • A Kawaii Animal Doughnut Charm. I love these cute little charms! I probably prefer them to be squishy, but they will do! Really cheap as well! Get it from Tofu Cute!Image
  • A Blythe. Whichever one I can get.


  • A Rilakkuma Bearbrick. I really want a bearbrick, as I’m slowly building up my collection of kawaii Japanese things that everyone in Japan seems to have! I don’t really mind which one i get, as long as I get one! But if it’s going cheap ( me and cheapo-ness again!) I’ll have a Rilakkuma one!


  • A cat dress! I’ve wanted a cat dress for a while now, they’re so damn cute! Anyone know where I can get one?!


  • Kawaii Tofu Plush Phone Holder. How cute?! A super kawaii touch to your room , I’m sure!


  • Hello Kitty Nerd Glasses. I think everyone knows what these look like! I was gonna order a pair off Amazon but they didn’t have lenses 😦 Think I will get some from Claires!
  • A super giant Rilakkuma plushie! I must have one! Super big and would make a great add to my room!


  • A pair of Dungarees. It sounds odd, but I really want a pair of dungarees! Suprrised I still haven’t got any!!!
  • To go to Japan. Going to Japan is my ultimate dream! Someday, I hope to go there!


These are just a few from my wishlist! There also the ones that I can bring to mind just now…. cheerio! xxxxx

30 Day Lolita Challenge- Day 4!

Well, I’ve made it this far! I’m so sorry but I still haven’t got round to doing the pocky post!

*must do pocky post, must do pocky post*

Also, you may or may not have noticed that I got bloglovin’! Hopefully I can get even more followers! ( and if anyone with loads of followers have any tips- feel free to share!)

Anyways, lets get started!

★Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like ★

  • Curry/ Indian. I’m vegetarian, so it’s kinda hard to get nice Indian food. However, Morrisons do a very nice takeaway veggie curry! I prefer curry to chilly, mainly because curry has potatoes in it! I also love felafels, samosas and pakoras, etc.
  • Japanese sweets. Especially Hello Panda, Bubblegum/Candyfloss, and Pocky.
  • Anything strawberry flavoured. strawberry flavored things are awesome. If you haven’t tried strawberry flavored chocolate yet, you must. Buy it.
  • Bento. Mainly because they’re cute.
  • Soup. You never realize the power of  a good soup.
  • Potatoes. I love potatoes! you can do anything with them! Boil ’em, mash ;em, stick ’em in a stew!
  • Rice! I always eat rice! My mum has to make me extra rice because I eat so much! Yum!
  • Ice Cream! One the first night of the Christmas holidays, me and a friend ( you know who you are if you’re reading this!) bought some ice cream at this cute little old fashioned sweet shop in our town! It was freezing, but it was good.
  • Waffles. My favorite breakfast.
  •  Cookies and Skittles and M&Ms. I know this is kinda cheating, but I was stuck for ideas and this these three came to me together! Very tasty. Skittles make me super hyper!

That’s all for today! Until next time! xxxx


30 Day Lolita Challenge: Day 3!

So, I’m glad I made it this far! There’s not that much that I dont like about Lolita, so it’ll be hard to fill this one up….

10 Things You Hate In Lolita!

  • How hard it is to get hold of things! I can’t get hold of dresses very easily, so I have to make a lot of stuff and use regular dresses. It would be nice to have at least one actual lolita dress! 😦
  • The price! Another reason why it’s so hard to get, lolita dresses are really expensive!
  • When one takes it too far. Ok, I’m not really talking about lolita here, but have you seen some gyaru fashions! Too far, way too far….
  • The evil-ness. For something so sweet and cute, you’d be surprised how nasty things can get. You may have noticed some of the very scary lolita hate sites. Victoria Suzanne (parfait doll) tells you how to deal with being posted to a hate site here.
  • The fact that it doesn’t all belong to me! This is random but true. Gimme!
  • Barbie. I’m really sorry, but enough is enough. I don’t want to be mean, but incorporating barbie into your look is taking it a wee bit far. Apologies to any barbie lovers.
  • The fact that it isn’t all mine! A bit random, but true. Gimme!
  • The way you can’t be a tomboy and a lolita at the same time. It sounds weird, but it kinda feels like you have to be very girly to be a proper lolita, and I don’ think that’s right at all. I could be wrong, but that’s what it feels like! Bit of a problem for me as I’m in love with Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, etc.

That’s all I can think of. I will type up my Pocky review now.

Lolita Challenge Day 2! <3

Today I’m just gonna go straight onto the challenge! Then I’ll start typing up my pocky review….I’m also learning elvish just now! As you may know, i have an obsession with lord of the rings. Yeah….. let us continue!

10 Things You Love In Lolita!

  • You Can Be As Girly As You Like! As I mentioned yesterday, in lolita, you can be as cute and girly as you like. Not my particular taste, I must say, but some blogs dont shut up about barbie and my little pony, and nobody cares!
  • The Colors. I love all the pastel shades in lolita dresses. So cute!
  • The Way It’s A Combination Of English And Japanese. I love the way that Lolita is a fusion between twee English high tea style and kawaii Japanese- perfect!
  • The Nails. Again, I don’t really go in for this kinda thing, but the willpower it must take with those nails! They must fit so much on! Everything’s so kawaii on them!
  • Shaped Bags. I own one shaped bag, which I’m trying to fit into a coordinate for the MCM- that’s odd, matching a dress to a bag, isn’t it?! They’re so cute! My favorites are the cat and pony/unicorn/Pegasus bags, but above all are the Milk heart shaped bags! I’m desperate for one, though I can’t imagine the cost. The simplicity matched with the colors is such an amazing combination! It’s one my wishlist…
  • The DIY Aspect. I love the DIY aspect of Lolita! It’s all like “do it yourself, man” , and I think having some sort of creative fibre in your being is a must for any lolita. I can’t sew. I’ll admit it.  But I can glue and use nail varnish, which is basically how I make all of my accessories.
  • The Blogs. Every blog I go to is so jammed with kawaii! It has definitely helped me develop my own blog, and become more interested in kawaii and lolita fashion. ❤
  • The Expertise. Everytime someone receives a cute dress, it’s not just “oooh! I got a dress! It’s so lovely!” It’s “oooh I got a dress! It’s so lovely! And just look at the attention to detail! The pattern on the lace is a carousel! And the ribbon isn’t cheapo!” or something like that… My point is, that everyone knows their thing about how  things should be made, and where people are, and who people are, etc.
  • The Friendliness. After seeing how people react to seeing other people around, and how they make nice compliments on other people’s style, blogs etc, I feel much more comfortable reading lolita blogs! I love how everyone knows each other!
  • The Sheer Kawai-ness Of It All!