Makeover Time! Plus- what have i been up to?

In the advent of my return to WordPress (it’s good to be back), I decided to give my blog a little makeover!

I’ve already started with my new banner (which I went to great lengths to make for free, using a photo editing thing called muzy, polyvore, tumblr and pinterest!) and a new background and theme. I’m so glad to be back with all my followers (yep, all 20 of ’em!), sorry I ever left you guys 😦
Soooo… What have I been up to while I was gone? Well, I made a tumblr, which was probably one of the best desicions in my life. Now I can get kawaii photos like every 2 minutes and gain more followers! If you have tumblr and would like to join my unicorn followers, my blog’s called milky unicorns. I have 54 so far (I think!).
I also hit 100 on my Fashionlista, and I’m heading up to 150 followers! If you have fashionlista and would like to help me along my follower quest, and get all the latest kawaii clothes, then I go by the name of Milky Unicorns, and if you haven’t got Fashionlista, get it, its worth it!
Also got a new Polyvore, and on there I go by the name of… *you guessed it* Milky Unicorns!
That’s all from the world of social networking, let’s see what else maddie-chan has been doing in her life!
I received my first Lolita dress! I’m wearing it to the Scotland MCM, so if anyone’s going, tell me in the comments.
I’ve also done a lot of busking over the summer holidays and I was wondering is there really good shops where I can get kawaii stuff? I have a lot of money now >.<
Done a few more DIYs, watched some more Kawaii International, looked at the latest trends and did my cuter take one them, discovered the absolute wonders of Dan Brown books, kawaiified my room, got back into vintage fashion again, read NEO magazine, attempted to make deco cream for free (ha, what a fail!), pined for Animal Crossing New Leaf, is currently saving for an ipod, downloaded a giant kawaii photospam, the list goes on!

So I’ll see you all when I publish my next post, probably before the makeover is done because I’m on holiday just now. If you wanna get in touch, tell me about something, ask about something, or want me to write a post on something, just ask in the comments or email me at: , I’d love to hear from you guys!

Loves, hugs, rainbows and sparkles, Until next time, unicorns! Xxxxx


Coming Back?

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I know I said i was leaving wordpress, and I adore blogger, but the blog isn’t really kicking off as much as this one did. I think it might be time to come ‘home’! I know that barely anyone follows this blog, but for those of you that do a quick like on this post would seriously be appreciated, just so I could see if it’s worth coming back. In the mean time, I’ll start copying some of my posts onto here!

Thanks, and it’s good to be back :3 xxx


*serious serious post face activate*

the time has come. I think we knew it would. I’m going to move to blogger. I really will miss wordpress (it’s so practical and easy to use), so I think that for a while I will use both platforms, then use whichever one is easier. Blogger lets me have more creative freedom with the look of the blog, which is the main reason I’m moving. please continue to follow me, as I will still follow you on my wordpress account! and if you can’t be bothered, I’m going to copy all of my posts so that they get onto both platforms.

Follow me at:

thanks guys! You’re all awesome followers!

So I decided to do another meme. But I thought this would be good for like an about page or something? I cut out all the ones that didnt apply to me.
Name and/or nickname:
Do you plan on lying in this survey in order to make you look more loli?
No, I’m not very loli anyway…How long have you been into lolita?

Not long, about a year ago?
How did you find out about lolita?
Well I’ve been into manga and anime for a long time and then i started getting into hello kitty, then kawaii, and that led me to lolita!What’s your favorite style?

Classic and sweet
What do you like most about lolita?
The way you can be so cute and childlike and girly without anyone judging you. It’s all part of the job.
What do you dislike most about lolita?
How mean it can get! Hate sites, etc.

What’s the most difficult thing about being lolita?
The price. And the fact that it’s hard to get hold of things.

What’s your favorite brand(s)?

Angelic Pretty and Baby the Star Shine Bright.

What’s your favorite accessory?
Pearly cat ears. Love ’em. Or any other type of ears!

What magazines do you read?


What music do you listen to?

Jazz, rock, traditional English music and really old ’50’s stuff.

Can you sew?
Well… kinda… not really… working on it!

Do you like anime?
Love it! It was what got me into Lolita and kawaii and Japan!

Do you have a favorite artist? (as in painter, animator etc.)
I like the work of Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited away, Howl’s moving castle)!

Name every un-loli aspect of yours.
I’m a total geek. Studio Ghibli, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Hunger Games are my favourite fandoms. I’m also really into traditional Scottish and English music, I play guitar, tin whistle, and fiddle (and some clarsach) as my traditional instruments, I also play classical instruments, so you could say I’m into my music! I love celtic art, and elves. I also have a compl Basically fandoms, art, anime and manga, and music are my main un-loli interests.
Name all your lolita aspects.
I have cute stuff and plushies everywhere. when i’m in kawaii mode, i like cute stuff. I love Japan! and Kawaii! I love to take high tea, and vintage stuff is awesome.

Pocky Post!

I finally got round to doing the Pocky review! I’ll start right away so I don’t lose my train of thought! Here we go….

So I bought Strawberry Pocky and normal Pocky. The starwberry stuff was a bit of a long shot, but as I mentioned in my wishlist post, I like everything strawberry flavored. I tried the normal ones first, and I adored it! Here’s some pictures of the grand opening (as it were).


Was a bit disapointed because they were Thai, not Japanese, but, you know, I can deal with it!


The really cute packet with silver Glico writing on it!


Haha my matching Pocky pencilcase and strawberry Pocky!

So, what did I actually think of it? Well, I’ve done some stat-type things:-

Normal Pocky

  • Taste:- 9.5/10. I was worried I wouldn’t like it, as I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate! I loved it though! Bit of a darker and mature taste than Mikado. I’ve given it 9.5 because I prefer light chocolate.
  • Packaging:-10/10 So cute! Pocky’s really iconic, so everyone knows and loves the packaging!
  • Price:- 9/10 I ordered it on Amazon, I think it was about £2. Quite cheap for forgien food, but you can get it cheaper on Tofu Cute!

So, overall, I loved Pocky! i only did a review for the normal stuff, because maybe I can save that for a later post when I’m stuck for ideas. Until next time! xxxxx