Pocky Post!

I finally got round to doing the Pocky review! I’ll start right away so I don’t lose my train of thought! Here we go….

So I bought Strawberry Pocky and normal Pocky. The starwberry stuff was a bit of a long shot, but as I mentioned in my wishlist post, I like everything strawberry flavored. I tried the normal ones first, and I adored it! Here’s some pictures of the grand opening (as it were).


Was a bit disapointed because they were Thai, not Japanese, but, you know, I can deal with it!


The really cute packet with silver Glico writing on it!


Haha my matching Pocky pencilcase and strawberry Pocky!

So, what did I actually think of it? Well, I’ve done some stat-type things:-

Normal Pocky

  • Taste:- 9.5/10. I was worried I wouldn’t like it, as I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate! I loved it though! Bit of a darker and mature taste than Mikado. I’ve given it 9.5 because I prefer light chocolate.
  • Packaging:-10/10 So cute! Pocky’s really iconic, so everyone knows and loves the packaging!
  • Price:- 9/10 I ordered it on Amazon, I think it was about £2. Quite cheap for forgien food, but you can get it cheaper on Tofu Cute!

So, overall, I loved Pocky! i only did a review for the normal stuff, because maybe I can save that for a later post when I’m stuck for ideas. Until next time! xxxxx




2 thoughts on “Pocky Post!

  1. I love Pocky! I usually go for the original chocolate kind or the chocolate ones covered in crushed almonds. I like the strawberry ones well enough, but I’m not much for fruit flavored things. Have you ever tried Yan Yan?

    • No, I’ve never tried it, actually I forgot to mention that this was my first ever try! I’ve tried the hazelnut mikado, which I’m sure are similar to ones with nuts on them! keep in touch xxxxx

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