30 Day Lolita Challenge day 5! <3

Just gonna get straight down to it today! Off we go!

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day 3- Wishlist Time!

  • This dress from Bodyline. I know that some Lolitas don’t really like Bodyline- Parfait Doll has an article about it here. But it’s cheap, and the outfits are really cute! I want this dress for the MCM: !


  • A Kawaii Animal Doughnut Charm. I love these cute little charms! I probably prefer them to be squishy, but they will do! Really cheap as well! Get it from Tofu Cute!Image
  • A Blythe. Whichever one I can get.


  • A Rilakkuma Bearbrick. I really want a bearbrick, as I’m slowly building up my collection of kawaii Japanese things that everyone in Japan seems to have! I don’t really mind which one i get, as long as I get one! But if it’s going cheap ( me and cheapo-ness again!) I’ll have a Rilakkuma one!


  • A cat dress! I’ve wanted a cat dress for a while now, they’re so damn cute! Anyone know where I can get one?!


  • Kawaii Tofu Plush Phone Holder. How cute?! A super kawaii touch to your room , I’m sure!


  • Hello Kitty Nerd Glasses. I think everyone knows what these look like! I was gonna order a pair off Amazon but they didn’t have lenses 😦 Think I will get some from Claires!
  • A super giant Rilakkuma plushie! I must have one! Super big and would make a great add to my room!


  • A pair of Dungarees. It sounds odd, but I really want a pair of dungarees! Suprrised I still haven’t got any!!!
  • To go to Japan. Going to Japan is my ultimate dream! Someday, I hope to go there!


These are just a few from my wishlist! There also the ones that I can bring to mind just now…. cheerio! xxxxx


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