Lolita Challenge Day 2! <3

Today I’m just gonna go straight onto the challenge! Then I’ll start typing up my pocky review….I’m also learning elvish just now! As you may know, i have an obsession with lord of the rings. Yeah….. let us continue!

10 Things You Love In Lolita!

  • You Can Be As Girly As You Like! As I mentioned yesterday, in lolita, you can be as cute and girly as you like. Not my particular taste, I must say, but some blogs dont shut up about barbie and my little pony, and nobody cares!
  • The Colors. I love all the pastel shades in lolita dresses. So cute!
  • The Way It’s A Combination Of English And Japanese. I love the way that Lolita is a fusion between twee English high tea style and kawaii Japanese- perfect!
  • The Nails. Again, I don’t really go in for this kinda thing, but the willpower it must take with those nails! They must fit so much on! Everything’s so kawaii on them!
  • Shaped Bags. I own one shaped bag, which I’m trying to fit into a coordinate for the MCM- that’s odd, matching a dress to a bag, isn’t it?! They’re so cute! My favorites are the cat and pony/unicorn/Pegasus bags, but above all are the Milk heart shaped bags! I’m desperate for one, though I can’t imagine the cost. The simplicity matched with the colors is such an amazing combination! It’s one my wishlist…
  • The DIY Aspect. I love the DIY aspect of Lolita! It’s all like “do it yourself, man” , and I think having some sort of creative fibre in your being is a must for any lolita. I can’t sew. I’ll admit it.  But I can glue and use nail varnish, which is basically how I make all of my accessories.
  • The Blogs. Every blog I go to is so jammed with kawaii! It has definitely helped me develop my own blog, and become more interested in kawaii and lolita fashion. ❤
  • The Expertise. Everytime someone receives a cute dress, it’s not just “oooh! I got a dress! It’s so lovely!” It’s “oooh I got a dress! It’s so lovely! And just look at the attention to detail! The pattern on the lace is a carousel! And the ribbon isn’t cheapo!” or something like that… My point is, that everyone knows their thing about how  things should be made, and where people are, and who people are, etc.
  • The Friendliness. After seeing how people react to seeing other people around, and how they make nice compliments on other people’s style, blogs etc, I feel much more comfortable reading lolita blogs! I love how everyone knows each other!
  • The Sheer Kawai-ness Of It All!

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