kawaii inspiration! <3

Omg omg I’ve had no time to blog lately! Every time I sat down to start, another thing came up! So this post is a bit of a mess, as I’ve just sort of thrown everything together!

First off, I’ve been working on a project for a while now. I can’t say what it is until it gets a bit bigger, but I think I will have to create a new blog for it (don’t worry, I’ll still have this one!). I’ll just say that its linked with blogging, and kawaii. Apart from that, my lips are sealed!

Secondly, I need to apologise for not posting my cat ear tutorial. I’ve been so rushed lately with ‘the project’, that I haven’t been able to do it! Plus, I can’t find the wire cutters, so that sort of mucks everything up, lol.

Ok, all that ranting over (which is basically what I do most of the time anyway)! I will begin with the actual post:

So the other day (saturday, I think), I watched my first ever Kawaii International! For those who don’t know what Kawaii International is, it’s a program on NHK World, a Japanese channel that you can get on some TVs (didn’t know what you called the companies like sky that give you the channels so I just put tvs hehe!). Alas, you cannot get it on mine, but you can watch it being streamed on website! I discovered Kawaii International a couple of months back, but then I couldn’t watch it! Luckily, I could watch it this time round! It was really cute and every aspect of it was so kawaii!

So they were talking about Dokumo (don’t know if I’ve spelt that right!), which are basically local models. They’re girls who hang around the area that the magazine is published, who get picked up off the street because of their unique sense of style! They had about 6 different Dokumo, each with a different style, including hime lolita, classic lolita, fairy kei, and punk gyrau. I love how anyone can be a model, just because they wear different clothes, and not because of their body! It was really inspirational to see that a lot of them DIY their clothes, however one of them had differnt clothes for every shoot they did, and about 5 outfits per shoot! I’d love to have that many lolita clothes! While I didn’t like some of the styles, and some were very new to me, I thought most of them were beautiful! One girl had taken some black lace and stuck it to her face with eyelash glue!
So, I decided to have a go at all this lolita stuff. I’ve sectioned of a part of my wardrobe and dedicated it to all my pretty dresses that look pretty. Then, stick a blouse underneath one, add some kawaii accessories, and bob’s your uncle (so to speak)! I’m in love with that phrase. I think it’s going well.
I’ve decided to put more pictures into the blog, as its all a bit heavy going. What do you think?

That’s all for today!

Piki xxx


One thought on “kawaii inspiration! <3

  1. aww maddie i love the idea of the Dokumo (?) girls they sound really cool!!! 🙂 i love reading your blog as we both share the same interests and i feel reading what you write really interesting!!! xoxo

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