Happy 50th Post!

Happy 50th Post!

Hi guys! In case you didn’t pick it up from the title, it’s my 50th post! Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my next DIY project and my (hopefully) first ever proper tutorial! I know I’ve done tutorials before, but it would be easier if you had more pictures to help you get along, right?
Also, that reminds me that my (super late) New Year’s resolution is to post more pictures!
So, my next project is (drum roll….)
pearls cat ears! The pearl cat ear trend is taking the world by storm, so I though I’d have a go at making some! I should have them ready by March, but I’ve been ill lately (mass bug is going round), so when I picked up the wire cutters to start this morning, I was just like, that’s too ambitious and went to lie on the sofa for the rest of the day…. so who knows when I’ll be done?
That’s all for my 50th post (yay!), stay kawaii!


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