teasers for tutorials… and 5 favourite kawaii sites!

I guess I’ve been neglecting the what the unicorns blog lately! I would really like to post every 3 to 4 days, but now that the holidays are over, its harder to post!

So anyway, here’s my list of tutorials that I hope to do:

• Lego accessories (that I will have ready by the end of next week? So I’ll have a tutorial pretty soon)

•bows galore! I’m gathering ideas for cool bows…

• Other stuff that I can’t bring to mind (I’m so lazy) ….

So, back to the point, I want to tell you about my favourite kawaii/ manga/ japanese pop culture sites… Here goes!

1. Tofu cute. Cute little site selling all sorts of kawaii gifts and snacks! Placed an order from them and saving uo to do another! See my review here.

2. Rainbowholic. BEST BLOG EVER! I love her site full of cuteness! I can’t wait to do a review!!! and by the way i get to ask her some questions!!!!! if there’s anything you want to know, comment below!

3. Fluffy Ghost. Though I’m fairly new to this blog, I love it! It has a whole host of ideas and items, and posts regularly (unlike someone..) Too!

4. Kawaii Kakoii Sugoi. Amazing blog about “all things perpetually cute and cool”! It caters for all ages and all genres, and one to be on my favourites list forever!

5. Tokyo Fashion. Quite well known, this online fashion magazine has a load of cool harajuku regulars featured on it, and the writers (including Rainbowholic) are fantastic! I always look to it for fashion inspiration.

There are many other super kawaii websites out there, and these are just some of my favourites! now for my big event of the week…. i finally got round to making a deco phone case! im really happy with it as it’s kinda my own style, as well as deco-ish (?)…. here it is!

deco phone case!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ta daaaaaa! wa’daya think? ❤


and this one! surrounded with my lovely deco buttons….


at first i tried to do it with glue mixed with pink paint but it didn’t work… :(…. then i did it with nail varnish!


other phone case i bought….


how my case looked before i deco-fied it….


just a random picture i drew on the ipads at HMV…!

by the way guys, if anyone knows any places to get cheap skirts, please tell me! i need a skirt! thnakyou in advance!

that’s all for today, next time i’ll hopefully have my review on Rainbowholic! yay!






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