piki’s essentials/wishlist

piki's essentials/wishlist
hello! how are you? hope you’re all   ready for a well deserved weekend….. which reminds me, i thought i might not be posting so much now the holidays are over, but i seem to managing ok so far….
i didnt have the time to do a wishlist and an essentials list, so i combined them into one! just thought i’d tell you that…
so buckle up, because this is going to be (i think) a very long post!
  1. a bow ring. a kawaii essential. nuff said.
  2. a hat. i love my bowler hat, which i got at claires for £5. it’s great for European-style!
  3. an instant camera. this is the first thing on my wishlist, which i’m currently saving for.i really really want a super cute one like this!! im getting there…
  4. bright bracelets. these are a staple in my everyday wardrobe.
  5. some cute, bright tee shirts! wear with a checked shirt, jeans and a pair of converse. for lazy days.
  6. a sailor shirt. also on my wishlist!
  7. bright nail polish. i really need some more nail polish, because all i have is pinks and purples…
  8. a massive bow.from hello kitty to alcie in wonderland, all the best people have bows…
  9. a cute dress. everyone needs one.
  10. a wooly hat. i confess, i basically never leave the house without mine. i’m trying to cut down…
  11. jeans. see no. 5
  12. a skater skirt. as you know, yeat another thing on my wishlist…. think i’ll be getting one this weekend though (yay)!
  13. a cool sweater. you guessed it, on my wishlist! (p.s this post probably wont end out that long at the rate im going! teehee!)
  14. hello kitty nerd glasses. i was going to order these on amazon, but then it turned out they didnt have any lenses :,(!!!!!! anyway, they’re really cheap at claires, so i’ll (hopefully) get them at the weekend!
  15. converse. must i really say anything?
  16. oops… just thought this dress looked pretty so i added it in <(@.@)> …
  17. see no.5
  18. a tote bag. essential for life.
  19. domo bag! getting this from amazon at an amazing price! i cant wait!!!!!!
  20. a cool coat. i bought really bright coats for a while but then decided to tone them down a bit more…
  21. a bow! bows are making a starring appearance in this post, so, to finish my wishlist off, i would like to quote myself…

“you can never go wrong with a bow…”

haha made that up on the spot!
commence my telling you of random little things… so to start, i wanted to tell you about rainbowholics big birthday giveaway! i cant wait to enter!!!!!! i love rainbowholic! in fact, i’ve devloped my own little obsession with rainbows!
~if you don’t know what rainbowholic is, please comment below, and i will make a post about her, because i really want to do one anyway~
also, i want to do a post on the following:
DIY ideas
my favourite blogs
Little Miss Paintbrush
stay kawaii!
piki xxx



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