365 day project: day 4 and 5

365 day project: day 4

For this all I did was a simple drawing with the promarkers I got for Christmas. For those who don’t know, I have an obsession with elves, and I went to see The Hobbit on boxing day, in which there are some beautiful elf costume and scenery. This totally inspired me, so I came up with this drawing to go a bit different from my usual craft Ideas.

365 day project: day 5

I’m sure you all love origami (or have at least tried it!), so here i have to link to how to make an origami pikachu! this took me a couple of goes to perfect, so dont expect to get it right first time! once, me and my friend made bunting out of origami pikachu by threading wire through their ears (kinda sad )! so get making with this simple origami pikachu tutorial brought to you by Japanese Pop Culture blog Kawaii Kakoii Sugoi!


i hope you all had a great Christmas. what did you get?


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