DIY harajuku hair clips!

So here it is, the christmas post I was talking about! I’ll put a picture of the christmas one I made soon! Hope you all have good day, merry (and kawaii) christmas!

I’ve taken to making my own hair accessories, here I’ve made a gothic lolita one and a more harajuku one, for a bit of contrast. They’re really simple to make to!!! Here’s my promised tutorial:

First, you need an A4 piece of card,scissors,your chosen colour of nail varnish, some deco buttons,a kirby grip and some sellotape

Cut out a shape on your card. Here, I’ve gone for a gloopy shape.

Paint you’re gloopy shape with you’re chosen colour nail varnish, then stick all your deco buttons on, hence drying them on with the varnish. Wait for everything to dry, then paint over it with a clear nail varnish.

Finally, attach the kirby grip to the back of the piece with either super glue or sellotape. If you have sellotape, attach it by threading it through the grip and placing it on the back of the piece.
If you need any help, just comment below! Send us your pictures on our facebook page (What The Unicorns Wear)!

Sorry about my appalling grammar and lack of photos!! Have fun and merry christmas!

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