365 day project: day 2

Good morning! (Its morning as I write this anyway!) Anyway, I’ve got to admit, I’m a terrible liar. For a start, I told you that my project would begin today, but it began yesterday. Then, I told you that today I would make a cat face tee shirt. Turns out, I’m making a chocolate buttons purse! It went really well, except when the packet started to rip! I’ve decided as a little extra, I’m going to make a patchwork calendar so I can record all of my projects. Now, do I have a christmas treat for you! On christmas day I will upload a tutorial for some super cute hair accessories! But for now, here’s a tutorial for the choc buttons purse!

You will need:
•a fairly large piece of felt (about double the size of the sweet bag)
•a packet of sweets
•glue (pritstick, super glue or PVA)
•ribbon. Lots of it.

1. Get a packet of chocolate buttons (or any large sweet bag for that matter). You must cut it across the top and not rip it in any old direction! This part is important because you will not be able to make it into a bag otherwise! Then you can clear out what’s inside (yeah, I mean eat them!).

2. Place the (now empty) bag on the felt and draw around it. Cut the shape out.

3. Fit the shape into the bag against one side. If there is any excess, cut it off. (Just checking if you know that this all goes on the inside!)

4. Glue the piece of felt into the bag (on the side you fitted it to). Then repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side .

5. On the outside and at the top of the center (if that doesn’t make sense then look at the picture) of the bag, cut a small hole and push a small length of ribbon through it. Tie it, then repeat on the other side. You can tie them together to tie up the bag.

6. Wait for everything to dry. If you want, tie a ribbon onto the sides of bag to make a strap.

If you need any help, comment at the bottom.

Tomorrow, seeing as it’s christmas eve (yay!), I’ll be making something christmassy (don’t take my word for it though, you know what I’m like!) I think some sort of accessory is in order perhaps? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll paint. I just don’t know. anyway……

Have a good xmas eve eve, have fun making stuff and don’t forget to send me all your creations on the facebook page!

Lots of kawaii hugs and christmas wishes,

Piki xxx

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