365 day project! and…. Cat face! and most of all…. Skittles bag!

Skittles Bag/ Purse365 DAY PROJECT

hey guys…

yesterday i told you how to make a craft corner, now i’#m going to put mine to use! i guess i should explain! It all started with this awesome magazine, called Flow. to cut a long story short, there was this article about 365 day projects. For those who don’t know (just coz i didn’t know before the article!) a 365 day project is, as the name suggests, a project that you do a little everyday. you could draw a picture. Take a photo. Buy a postcard. tyhe list goes on. anyway, i read the article, and decided (you guessed it) i want to do one! It means i’ve got something to blog about everyday, and i’ll get new inspiration all the time! Ok, here’s what i’m going to do:

combining my love of Japan , vintage fashion and craft into one project, i’m going to do a DIY / art piece every day *fingers crossed i have enough willpower not to give in on day thirty!*

That’s my new years (or as some of my friends would call it, Hogmany?) resolution sorted then! I’d love to hear your feedback on my Facebook page (for that is where ALL of the project pics will be updated daily…).


as for my first project (tomorrow), I’m going to attempt to put a cat face on one of my tee shirts …  I’ve taken a liking to cat face accessories! there so cute!!! if that doesnt work then i’ll make a purse out of a bag of chocolate buttons!!! youpi!


As some of you may know, skittles are my favorite sweets, and they make me go super hyper. literally. People beg me not to eat them. But i love them anyway, so with a “tear and share” packet that me and a friend had, i decided to make a skittles bag to honor my love for skittles! its more of  a purse size really, so i cant carry much in it! Anyway i wore it to a christmas-do thing last night, and i kinda got a mixed reaction! some people were all “you’re actually allowed out with that?!” but some people were like “that’s awesome!”. Anyway everyone liked overall, and I’m going to make a chocolate buttons one tomorrow as part of my 365 days project, so i’ll get a tutorial up then is you want to be as weird as me!!!

Hope you all have a great Christmas eve eve eve, and that the weather conditions in the UK aren’t doing any damage!


Those Mayans were wrong! I was assured of this when i got on my facebook this morning, because, as the Back To The Future page reminded me, the world wont end in 2012 because Marty Mcfly travelled to 2015.

lots of kawaii love,

piki xxx


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