Craft Corner!

So here I am making the ultimate craft corner in an enclosed space of my room- this is where I can make my tutorials (rather than the dining room table)- coming up soon (I know I’ve been a bad blogger, not putting any tutorials up!) I’ve got a skittles bag, a sweet wrapper purse, DIY kawaii glasses, and some super cool hair accessories (I tried to post a tutorial for that but it didn’t save! -_-)! So I will do more posts soon, but for now, I have a mini-tutorial for you on how to make your own craft corner!

• Remember, you can make a craft corner anywhere, even if it’s not a corner!

• Organise your materials into sweet boxes and draws, so they don’t get mixed up. I use a magnetic board so I can see all my stickers on display, I keep a notebook to keep on track with all my project ideas, and I’ve put some cute pink postits on my wall so I can make a list of projects. Remember, none of this has to cost much, its probably all knocking around your house somewhere!

• Nail varnish is a girls best friend- especially for craft! I use nail varnish for all kinds of jobs, so its nice to build up a good collection!

• Use cute boxes to store your craft materials- I use tea pots and tea cups to store a lot of my things, not just craft.

• recycle, recycle, recycle. Nuff said.

• I love ribbons. There my favourite craft thing ever. I’ve got a wee collection!!! Keep collecting stuff that inspires you and that is good for your taste, so you can make stuff that’s personalised for you.

• It’s a good idea to make a mood board. Mine choc full with hello kitty, japanese sweet wrappers, and manga and anime. Again, it gives you an idea of your taste, so you always have inspiration right there up on your wall! I also keep a bag of of pictures that can give me ideas.

So there’s my mini-tutorial of hints and tips, I’ll have some more ready for you to try out in your brand new craft corner tomorrow, so in the mean time, why not make a christmas card to get you in the holiday mood? Get them up on my facebook page!

Lots of kawaii love and christmas hugs, piki xxx


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