Tofu Cute!

I’m always on the lookout for new places to access kawaii, and it seems that the best place i found yet is the UK based Online shop Tofu Cute! Check out my review:

Divided into three sections, Lifestyle, Stationary and Snacks, Tofu cute sells a range of Kawaii products, including pencil cases, a wide variety of phone charms and key chains, and a huge selections of adorable miniatures! Each mini section is crammed with cute stuff, and at a great price, too! One thing that surprised me was the amount of pocky they stocked (over 20 different kinds)!

i placed an order from Tofu Cute on Saturday, going for the “free postage on orders over £20 deal”. I got my order on Thursday, which came to a big surprise to me, because even though it said 3-4 working days, i didn’t think they’d be able to get it up to the middle of nowhere in that time! I wont go through the exact details of what i ordered, but I’ll mention some of the highlights.

First, the phone charms. I ordered a Koala’s March phone charm and a pea pod stress ball one. The pea pod has three beans in it, and the one in the middle has a surprise face on it! i got super cute Panda – chan! The Koala’s March charm is made to look like a Koala’s March biscuit and has a pride of place on my phone.

Also, my Oreo mirror! I ADORE it!!! It looks exactly like a real Oreo, and I’ve received a couple of remarks like “wow, there’s an Oreo on your bag!!!”. Plus, it opens up into to a handy mirror, and has a key chain on it so you can attach it to your bag!! Super kawaii!!!!

The final thing i will mention is my Pocky pencil case. It came in small (4.99) and large (6.99). Luckily, the small was just the right size for me! I ordered a pink strawberry one, and i now lovingly use it all the time.

I could go on, but /i think it would be best if you could discover the delights on the site for yourself! A great site, which delivers on time, has a great gift wrapping service and sells things at a cheap price, too! Keep up the good work! <(O.O)>


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