DIY cat ears!

Today, I present the long awaited DIY cat ears, which may not work for you, but they look great on me! ^_^! First, here’s what you need:

•A plain hairband (preferably a colour like back, white or brown)

•A tape colour of your choice (preferably the same colour of your hairband)

•Pink tape (If you’re using masking tape, as your first tape, then use a pink pen)


•First, you need to take your first tape (I from now on call it masking tape) and rap it round one of the sides of your hairband (where you want your ear) leaving a tab.

•Next, build a frame around it, making it a triangle of your chosen size and thickness

•Repeat on the other side

•If you’re using masking tape, colour in the the the middle using a pink pen

•If you’re using something that’s not masking tape, then you need to cut a pink triangle out of you’re pink tape OR cut out a triangle of some masking tape and stick it on your ears.

•If you want to, you can cover the ears with fabric, and add pipe cleaners for whiskers.

These ears may not look the nicest, but it’s a great alternative if you’re strapped for cash, and now you have your very own personalised cat ears, ready to wear and share. Next week, I’ll be showing you my attempts at cosplaying No Face from spirited away, just in time for halloween! Enjoy!


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