Halloween Costume Report

I’ve just picked my Halloween costume! Can you guess?

  • He’s from the Studio Ghibli movie Spirited away
  • The second word of his name is face
  • He’s simple to cosplay

let me give you some more clues; I needed something that i could pull together in a matter of days, also a fairly recognizable character, so i looked some ideas up on the internet. I sat scrolling through all these forum posts about simple cosplay from all sorts of anime I’ve never heard of, until i came across an idea that, surprisingly, I’d never seen before. Chihiro, Spirited Away. The post suggested it because it was recognizable, and with her simple  tee and shorts, very easy to make. Just what I was looking for. But this is Halloween we’re talking about here, so the answer lies with you, dear reader. Yes, No Face. Simple, recognizable, scarey. Is No Face made for cosplayers looking for Halloween costume ideas? I think so!

Which concludes my Halloween costume report, and if you need feel that using this wonderful idea does not fulfill you’re need for a Halloween costume,comment below for my ideas. Happy Cosplaying!



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