Sanrio Aztec!!

I’m all about Sanrio’s new hello kitty aztec collection.  So far, there’s only a wallet, tote, necklace and bracelets, but in my heart of hearts, i hope there’s more goodies in store. I first laid my eyes on this lovely collection when sifting through facebook, seeing the necklace, which screams I WANT THAT!!! I looked it up on the Sanrio blog which said:

Are you a fan of geometrical patterns and bold pops of color? If so – this fresh Hello Kitty Aztec collection from our pals at Loungefly is perfect for you!

I think my favourite is the necklace. Like i said before, it oozes that “have to have” feeling and i think i would wear it with a short beach kaftan like this Athena Procopiou one, 235 pound at, and gladiator sandals like these Jimmy Choo ones, 250 pound (more expensive than the dress, i know) at

Athena Procopiou Jimmy Choo 

Of course, i can’t afford any of it.  Not even the bangles, which are 35 pound. Last year, my parents bought me part of the beautiful Sanrio for Liberty collection, and i spent 27 pound on a soap dish and bath cap (amongst other things) which i adore, and are on display around my house. I don’t know if i should ask for my birthday. I doubt it. It’s one of those things where you look at that awesome purse you want, forgetting about the price tag, thinking, “ooooooh! I’ll have to see when i can go to Claires next then!” Then it turns out that the prices go a little like this:

bag- 70 pound

purse- 38 pound

necklace- 35 pound

3 peice bangle set – 35 pound.

I know what you’re thinking. unless you’re a multi millionaire. But i love sanrio. I’ve just been looking at a collection at Target, and sometimes, forgetting about the kiddish, baby stuff that comes to mind when the name Hello Kitty is mentioned, there are some really, stylish things in there! Hello Kitty can just slip so easily into modern style, and is avaidable for people of all ages. So she will be around for a long time to come, Kitty lovers.

Which rounds my first blog post for What The Unicorns Wear to a close. Please comment, as i love feedback, and tell your friends. I hope you enjoyed it, and i’ll be back soon with more news of fashion, Japanese pop culture and lots more!

bye for now.


2 thoughts on “Sanrio Aztec!!

  1. I’m so glad you posted this or I would’ve been missing out on something pretty awesome in my life. I’m a Hello Kitty lover, but unlike a lot of my peers, I’m not very into wearing the Hello Kitty accessories made for children. But Hello Kitty in the form of an Aztec? Dude, I am so there! Epsecially when it comes to that wallet…

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